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Become a partner with GradCast for automated mobile tracking of your graduates’ success. Our simple, secure dashboard provides the real-time data you need.

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Our college partners receive all the benefits of GradCast’s user-friendly tracking system. GradCast gives you high quality data, in a secure, FERPA compliant platform. With a simple login, you have access to a real-time graduate and completer data in an easy-to-use dashboard that quantifies their success...and validates yours.

Our high-performing platform tracks, connects, reports and measures. The mobile optimized platform ensures the industry’s highest response rate, at an average of 60%.

Contact us today to learn about GradCast’s easy-to-use and implement tracking solution. Best of all, your graduates and completers want to participate. With GradCast, you’re helping to build their network. We have access to over half a million companies hiring in dozens of career and technical fields. They can send up to 100 resumes to employers that hire the skill set for which they trained. Now that’s a graduation gift!

Best of all, your graduates and completers want to participate… Why?

  • Lifetime access to proprietary employer database
  • Mobile friendly
  • Up to 100 free resumes delivered as a graduation gift

GradCast also supplements student success and career services strategies by connecting your graduates with employers and providing another platform to reach out for externships and advisory boards.

Graduates & Completers
Graduates & Completers

Now that you’ve done the work, show off your talent. Your college has partnered with GradCast to provide you with employment channels no job board can match! We help you get noticed by employers looking for your expertise. GradCast allows you to build your network of potential employers for the life of your career.

Your college and GradCast have a free graduation gift to help you find employers and boost your networking strategy. You will be able to send up to 100 resumes to employers looking for talent just like you.

It’s easy:

  1. Click the link your college and GradCast sent you.
  2. Create a password. (We already created an account for you to claim your graduation gift.)
  3. Upload your resume.
  4. Then, send resumes with the click of a button.


Free Access To Candidates In Your Industry

GradCast is your connection to today’s qualified talent. We connect you to a trained and ready workforce. GradCast is recruiting done right.

  • NO fees
  • NO obligation
  • Receive resumes from local recent graduates trained in your industry.

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College Departments





Provides data that can increase funding streams


Automates after graduation job reporting & builds employer relationships







Provides real-time granular student reported employment data.


Help place students and build hiring relationships with employers.




Featured Partners
Central Louisiana Tech
Lone Star College
College of Western Idaho

Client Stories

Hear directly from our partners on how we have helped them achieve their tracking and improvement goals.

  • Leadership at San Jacinto College District weren’t having success in tracking graduates, and had difficulty gathering data on graduate employment status after graduation. We began working with Gradcast in the summer of 2013 and after the first year. They delivered over a 57% response rate - which was the data they needed to increase funding for certain programs.

    San Jacinto College
  • Vernon retained GradCast in 2018 and now has 70% response rates. This allowed them to prove that their graduates were, in fact, getting hired in the industry that they were educated/trained. GradCast’s database sorted by Industry is an important part of the 70% response rate.

    Vernon College
  • We have been using Gradcast for several years and have incorporated GradCast introductions to our students in the capstone portion of our classes. This has resulted in consistent 80% to 95% response rates for postgraduate engagement.

    Trinity Valley College








About Us
About us

GradCast helps schools connect graduating students with employers that hire their specific skillsets. GradCast not only connects students to potential employers in their areas of training, but also enables schools to track their graduate job placement success rate.

Partnership with GradCast provides colleges with the data they need to ensure continued funding streams and eliminate time consuming, tedious, electronic, phone, and mail survey campaigns. We’ve been helping colleges gather post-graduate employment data and connecting their alumni to our proprietary employer database since 2013.

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