Using Gradcast’s industry leading TrackBack tools, Maricopa Community Colleges is able to quantify theSuccess their recent Graduates are having from their programs

Dallas, TX, September 1, 2016–, a division of MyOpenJobs, LLC (a Teakwood Capital company), announced today that Maricopa Community Colleges has adopted its Trackback tools for the 2016-2017 school years. This new program allows Colleges access to insight previously thought to be unattainable. Gradcast's Trackback system uses proprietary direct follow-up and external resources to specifically quantify the Job Placement success of recent Graduates from a particular School or specific program of study. Several schools nationwide are using Gradcast to tackle the daunting task of tracking whether or not Alumni are finding employment related to their Training.

Overall the Response rates are 40 to 60% better than the phone and mail surveys most schools use today! With an industry leading response rate in excess of 70% in some cases, Maricopa Community Colleges is now better prepared to answer the most basic of questions; are my School's programs working for our Graduates, and are they finding gainful employment in this rocky climate?

The most common complaint we hear from Schools, with respect to Job Placement from their recent Graduates is Timeliness and the extreme cost inefficiencies of trying to do this alone. Everyone knows that waiting on reports from any Governmental entity can take months, or even years in most cases. But our Partner schools realize they can't wait for actionable information, ad gradcast solves for this dilemma," said Sai Subramanian, CEO of MyOpenJobs. "According to the Department of Labor, CNN, and many other media outlets, only 20% of all available jobs are even publicly advertised. This is a huge challenge for recent CTE grads that are searching for their first job. is the first system to address this issue, allowing graduates to proactively connect with virtually every potential employer. provides Schools with specific tracing information on Job Placement for all of their perspective CTE graduates. helps connect students to potential employers which helps reduce the workload for Career services. The platform uses a unique system that, in addition to Trackback tools that help Schools specifically quantify their recent Graduates Job Placement rates, also automates the placement process for community colleges, trade and technical schools. This simple web-based (mobile optimized) application streamlines resume distribution, makes reporting a breeze, and automatically follows-up with Graduates to report on their Employment progress.

About, a division of MyOpenJobs, LLC, is a first of its kind service that allows new and recent graduates the ability to connect directly with more than 600,000 employers to find their first jobs in their field of study, in any geographic area in the United States. It is a unique system that automates the placement process for community colleges, trade and technical schools, and even high schools with career and technical programs. This simple web-based (mobile optimized) application streamlines resume distribution, makes reporting a breeze, and automatically follows-up with graduates to report on their employment progress. The Program is scalable for all size schools, several large districts are using the program such as Lone Star district and Maricopa Community College District, as well as individual Colleges like Vernon College have seen a benefit in using the Gradcast Program.

MyOpenJobs, LLC (a Teakwood Capital Company) is a technology and services firm that develops and manages career sites and web-based recruiting management software. Since 2000, we’ve continued to develop and refine our proprietary software to help streamline the recruiting process for thousands of large and small companies.

For more information about GradCast MyOpenJobs, please call ​BW “Bill” Brooks ​at ​1.888.730.4144 ​or ​214.764.0886 or simply visit us online at ​​.

About Maricopa Community Colleges

Maricopa Community Colleges are 10 colleges, 2 skill centers and numerous education centers, all dedicated to educational excellence and to meeting the needs of businesses and the citizens of Maricopa County. Each college is individually accredited, yet part of a larger system - the Maricopa County Community College District, which is one of the largest providers of higher education in the United States.

Maricopa Community Colleges offer a wide range of opportunities for you to create the educational future that's right for you. They offer approximately 954 occupational programs (degrees and certificates), 31 academic certificates and 9 academic associate degrees (the associate degrees are available at each of their 10 colleges), and a total of 981 courses. They're the largest provider of health care workers and job training in Arizona, making them a major resource for business and industry and the place to be if you're seeking education and job training.

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